Rose Water Skincare: The Beauty Flower That Beautifies Your Skin Too

By Becca Gregg



Rose —  a simple enough word that conjures up nearly every sense known to woman, and (depending how sensitive) man.

The sense of comfort deriving from their fresh and alluring scent… the feeling of little-girl-esque giddiness when receiving them from a certain someone… even the sight of accomplishment, when we realize that (unlike other plant life), we didn’t manage to kill them in our garden! Roses are an essential part of not only our lives, but the culture that we live in. And, if you’re smart, they’ve made their way into your daily skin care routine as well.

Unbeknownst to many, roses offer many the aesthetic benefit (aside from sitting on our kitchen table or desk). For starters, rose-based astringents, tonics and oils are an effective solution in diminishing redness caused by broken and enlarged capillaries below the skin’s surface. Pure rosewater — distilled from (you guessed it) the water of roses — works to treat acne, as well as nourish, soothe and hydrate irritated skin. As if that wasn’t enough to make you jet to your corner florist (or, at least drugstore) rosewater is also known to balance and tone oily skin, cool sensitive skin and help to heal sunburns and wounds if applied topically.

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Lucky for us, cosmetic and skin care gurus alike have long known about the beauty benefits of roses. Rose-based skincare staples are ready and waiting for us to stock up and reap the results. After all, you didn’t think we’d tell you to pluck the rose petals yourself, did you?

Our favorites:

Zensation Collagen Rose Facial Toner, $35,
Enriched with Damask Rose Water and Aloe Vera Extract, this floral toner leaves our faces feeling smooth, calm and clear. After just a few days of use, blemishes became bygones and rough patches, a thing of the past. And (if we must say so), the cool shape and look of the bottle looks pretty chic on our bathroom sink.

Shobha Rosewater Toner Mist, $15,
Light and refreshing, this toner mist reduces redness and irritation, all while awakening your senses with a delicious aroma. (We used it to soothe our freshly waxed skin!)

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Eminence Organic Skin Care Sweet Red Rose Whip Moisturizer, $74,
Perfect as both a deep-moisturizer, and to stave off eczema-like inflammation of your skin, this moisturizer supplies your skin with the necessary bioflavanoids, sugars and acids, with in turn help to regenerate the epidermis.

Phytomer Rose Visage, $28.50,
This alcohol-free rosewater lotion works overtime as both a daily toner, and a gentle makeup remover for our eyes, all while helping to improve the appearance of our skin, and remineralizing for a more radiant complexion.

The Body Deli Rose Geranium Cleanser, $22,
Finally, a gentle daily cleanser that combats our dry patches and regulates oil zones. Whether the irritant be stress, hormonal changes or environmental pollution, this cleanser takes on life’s mishaps on our skin, and comes out victorious the next morning.

And finally, a pamper-me product for the do-gooders of us all…


LUSH Wild Rose Country Bath Bomb, $5.95,
With this limited edition bath goodie, you can take an environmental stand right from the confinds of your very own bathtub. 100% of the proceeds from this bath bomb go to the Rainforest Action Network, in support of their Canadian Tar Sands campaign effort. According to product-maker LUSH, “Canada’s tar sands developments are happening in our own backyard and we want to see them stopped. The tar sands spew out massive amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, pump toxins into the environment, poison water, trigger disease in surrounding communities and destroy ancient boreal forest.  Here at LUSH, we know it’s time for an oil change! This is one bath you can feel great about on the inside and the outside.”

And, don’t forget to use the leftover bathwater in your garden!

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