Salma Hayek’s 3 Beauty Secrets

Want a celebrity skincare routine without a celebrity budget?

Salma Hayek is helping us do just that! With a skincare line, Nuance by Salma Hayek exclusively available at CVS, allowing you to tap into all of her topical beauty secrets. Here, Salma Hayek shares with us her top 3 beauty tips – yup, the same ones that keep the bombshell looking, well, bomb-tastic.

Salma Hayek’s 3 Beauty Secrets…

1.  My Wild Lime Exfoliator is one of my favorite products because it doesn’t irritate your skin, you can go out into the sun without any hesitation and you see results with one application. Immediately your skin looks softer and brighter.

2.  My AM/PM Anti-Aging Super Cream uses Tepezcohuite. This was one of the ingredients that inspired me to create the line. Tepezcohuite was used in hospitals in Mexico on burn victims to regenerate cells. It’s not a myth- it’s been proven for years and years! The Dark Cacao and Coffee Firming Cream is amazing for the body. We left the natural scent in it because it smells like chocolate- you want to eat the tube! It’s great for firming, activating the circulation, moisturizing, and even great for scars.

3.  It’s also very important to drink plenty of water and incorporate good fats into your diet.

Here are some healthy fats worth loading up on!