By Brianna Parsonnet

With Spring, comes warm weather, sunshine, days spent lounging in the park and one of our biggest pet-peeves: dull, dry, flaky, winter skin. At least for us, unsightly skin makes many of us want to cover up the thighs we’ve been toning at the gym all winter. Lucky for us, there’s an easy solution that doesn’t involve pulling a Hannibal Lector and stealing someone else’s beautiful skin. The solution: sea salt.

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Said to have first gained popularity in the 1st century B.C. when Queen Cleopatra commanded it be manufactured, sea salt is primarily obtained from water evaporated from Israel’s Dead Sea. As an all-natural exfoliant, sea salt effectively sheds the dead cells built-up on our skin (the pesky culprit responsible for our dull, flaky appearance), leaving us with soft, supple, sexy skin. But, unlike other exfoliatants that may similarly remove dead cells, sea salt is unique in that it also contains important minerals – like calcium, potassium and magnesium – that replenish those typically lost by our skin and are essential for keeping us looking healthy, young and moisturized.

One of our favorite brands bringing the benefits of the Dead Sea stateside is AHAVA. Centered around the belief that the Earth’s minerals have extreme healing powers on the body, the Israeli-based company has garnered the attention of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Natalie Portman – whose flawless skin certainly has us taking note!

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Offering everything from bath salts and shower gels to hair-care products and facial cleansers, there are unlimited ways to work AHAVA products into your routine. We like to spice up our daily shower gel by adding some bath salt and scrubbing with a loofah and love adding some essential oils to a cup of the salts to create a restorative foot and hand scrub.

Bottom (of the Dead Sea) Line: Once you get your hands on some sea salts, there will be no excuse not to show off your legs in this season’s hottest high waisted shorts.

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