By Alix Turoff

While you probably (albeit vaguely) remember learning about sea algae in high school biology class, what you probably didn’t learn (unless you went to a high school considerably more attuned to your beauty obsessions than ours were) algae and seaweed have some incredible beauty benefits. A concentrated form of seawater containing all of the minerals and vitamins needed for life, sea algae rejuvenates, hydrates and brightens the skin with its natural properties. And, lately, we’ve been taking note of this under-the-sea beauty ingredient. But since we trust none of you are mermaids-in-waiting (and, don’t worry, we don’t expect our readers to scuba dive for their beauty products), we found the beauty brands that already did the work for you and now we’re bringing you the best sea algae products on the market. You can thank us later.

Renée Rouleau Hawaiian Nourishing Cream, $69.50
Renée Rouleau’s Hawaiian nourishing cream uses Hawaiian red marine algae to heal sensitive skin, stimulate collagen production, decrease fine lines and ensure a smooth complexion. Ideal for those with sensitive skin, rosacea or eczema, we liked the fact that this moisturizer was very light and didn’t clog our pores. Plus, it has ginseng to revitalize skin and rose hip extract, which infuses the skin with Vitamin C too!

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Pomega5 Botanical Eye Contour Cream, $75
Dark eye circles are one of the biggest beauty problems – yet they’re relatively easy to fix – well, with this cream anyway. It’s jam packed with blue green algae and kelp to decrease inflammation and darkness, orchid extract for elasticity and blue cornflower, chamomile and cucumber to calm. Plus, the pomegranate oil packs a punch of Omega 5’s to combat free radical damage. If you want to look like you spent a relaxing week seaside, swipe this under your peepers.

CND Marine Cooling Masque For the Feet, $51.50
Ever noticed how soft your feet feel after a day in the ocean? This cooling clay masque will give you the same results, without the pricey airfare required for an ocean-side getaway. With sea extracts and botanicals to soften and rejuvenated, menthol to cool and panthenol to diminish inflammation, you can rest assured knowing that even when you don’t have time for a spa pedicure, you can still give your feet some pampering with this masque.

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Sue Devitt Microquatic Oxygen Infusion Masque, $40
Now that you’ve treated your feet, it’s time to treat your face with this daily cleanser and masque fortified with blue algae, hydrolyzed soy protein and chamomile extract. As the self-foaming masque releases oxygen into the pores, the algae, soy protein and chamomile extract work to reduce irritation and redness. Use this as a daily facial cleanser to enjoy the cooling benefits of the oxygen and the powerful cleansing power of natural sea ingredients.

H2O Sea Pure Creamy Facial Cleanser, $20
Sick of oily makeup removers, we turned to this creamy cleanser, packed with apple amino acids and sea moss, to remove our stubborn makeup with ease – and anti-aging benefits of the marine ingredients to boot! The light citrus smell is refreshing and the recyclable packaging and vegan formula makes us feel just as good inside as out.

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