Shaving Legs? Tips To Get (and Keep) You Hair Free for Summer from Real Housewife and Completely Bare Founder Cindy Barshop!

If anyone knows about hair removal it’s the #1 hair removal guru and former Real Housewife of NYC, Cindy Barshop. As the founder of Completely Bare, Cindy knows everything there is to know about hair removal from shaving legs tips to bikini waxing points and more. So, naturally, we picked her brain for her top 5 hair removal tips.

Shaving legs tips, bikini waxing pointers & more…

Get on a hair removal schedule. Get ready for shorts season by either making (and sticking with!) a regular waxing appointment schedule, keeping up to date with your laser hair removal appointments or just loading up on Schick Quattro for Women Razors! Like with most things in life, having a plan and sticking to it pays off.

4 easy ways to get your feet ready for summer!

If you’re waxing, stop shaving 3 weeks before waxing so hair is at the optimal length for long-lasting results.

Exfoliate the area the day before shaving or waxing with a DIY body scrub. If you’re waxing, exfoliate immediately before your appointment too for a longer lasting wax. Remember: be gentle when exfoliating.

If you’re shaving or waxing, use a hair inhibiting moisturizer to slow hair growth, reduce hair density and extend the amount of time your shave or wax lasts. Try Completely Bare Completely Smooth ($42), a lotion that moisturizes while slowing down hair growth too.

If you love a faux-glow, make sure to apply sunless self-tanning lotions after shaving or waxing. Apply self-tanner before waxing or shaving and you’ll end up with uneven streaks and patches.

How to apply sunless tanning lotions!

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