Beautifying Tea: 6 Tea Brews To Help You Beat Dull Winter Skin

Beauty Brew: 6 Tea Drinks For More Radiant Skin

By Courtney Leiva

A cuppa tea definitely makes one warming winter delight – and a beautifying one at that!

Unlike your daily mug of coffee or that nightly sip of cocoa, tea boasts a multitude of beauty benefits (due to its high concentration of vitamins and antioxidants) that can help to protect and purify your skin from inside out.

And while that’s (sadly, we know) not to say that tea can take the place of a balanced diet and exercise (heck, even kale can’t do that!), tea can help remove toxins from the body, protect your skin from environmental damage, and leave your skin hydrated and undeniably radiant.

Looking to add more tea to your routine?

These 6 beautifying teas are sure to help you beat lackluster skin, once and for all.

For general beauty boosting when you want to seriously glow inside out, DAVIDs Tea The Glow ($7.90) is filled with complexion lifesavers such as rooibos, cinnamon, and rose hips. Plus, it’s caffeine free, so you won’t have to worry about those unwanted jitters throwing you off.

If you’re feeling hormonal and your skin is showing the effects, sip on Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics Organic Monthly Comfort Tea ($5.99), a lifesaver during your monthly cycle. And, if you are looking for a natural toner alternative in the meantime, simply rub your teabag (nettle works great on acne!) onto your complexion to help keep breakouts at bay.

Overtired and look it?! Beauty sleep is beneficial to any complexion, so to get the necessary shut eye you deserve, try unwinding with the Kusmi Lovely Night Tea ($16.90), as its calming blend of licorice and chamomile will instantly calm down your nerves.

Been eating crap and your skin is here to tell about it? Give your body – including your skin! – a much-needed detox with the Yogi Tea DeTox ($29.99). Sure, it’s designed to detoxify your kidneys and liver, but that’s not to say it won’t clear your skin too!

If your skin is beyond dry, the fabulous MIYU Beauty Hydrate Mi Beauty Tea ($16) brings hydration to even the most parched of complexions. Plus, it’s packed with skin-boosting Vitamin C too!

Want glowing skin but hate hot tea? The Teaonic I Love My Skin ($30) is for you! It’s a concentrated, chilled, tea-based drink that helps flush out toxins and impurities, giving you the most healthy of skin in return (without having to sip on hot tea).