Get Radiant Skin With One Of These Skin Brightening Masks

By Alix Turoff

We know that you – like most women today! – are constantly on-the-go.

You work long hours, run after the kids, and maybe even put in several hard workouts a week. And when all that’s done, you deserve a little pick-me-up that isn’t in the form of our morning caffeine.

Fortunately, there are a bunch of ways you can brighten your skin without adding precious time to your morning routine.

So, plan some ‘Me Time’ and treat yourself to one of these skin brightening masks for skin that radiates all on its own – Hello, Makeup Free Mondays!

3 Skin Brightening Masks We Love

If you have aging skin… StriVectin LABS 5-Minute Weekly Glycolic Peel ($89)
In only 5 minutes per week, the acids in this skin brightening mask slough away dead skin cells to exfoliate and brighten. You’ll immediately notice younger looking skin, shrunken pores, and a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


If you have sensitive skin…Glytone StepUp Boost Mini Peel Gel ($45.60)
For a bi-weekly boost, try this mini peel, perfect for more sensitive skin. Like other glycol peels, it exfoliates and re-texturizes the skin by sloughing off dead skin cells for a smoother complexion, but because it’s “mini,” it’s perfect for peel-beginners or to help prolong the results of a professional peel.


If you have acne-prone skin… Le Mieux Icy Revitalizing Mask ($15)
Formulated with 3 exotic clays and 8 botanical extracts, this is one of the best skin brightening masks for rejuvenated, clean skin. It is perfect for acne-prone or sensitive skin as it works to soothe irritation, inflammation, and redness.


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