Skin-Perfecting Beauty Gadgets Worth The Price

Add These Skin-Perfecting Beauty Gadgets To Your Arsenal

By Courtney Leiva

We swoon for any beauty gadget that spares us time and stress – or lets us DIY a beauty treatment at home that we would have otherwise had to put on real pants for.

For quite some time, the only “beauty gadgets” we had were for our hair, but not any more!

Rather, product innovations have brought high-tech beauty gadgets to our skincare routines and well, we’ve been busy testing.

Ready to spruce up your arsenal with some tech-savvy beauty finds? Trust us, these eight beauty gadgets are worth the price!

For Clearer Skin…
If you have acne-prone skin, the Pulsaderma LED Blue ($149) is ideal, as this non-invasive LED light device helps keep unwanted breakouts and pimples to a minimum, all without the usual acne-fighting side effects (like dryness!).

For Younger Looking Skin…
Want to look younger in a flash?! The NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device ($325) immediately and cumulatively reduces the appearance of  fine lines and wrinkles thanks to its innovative microcurrent technology, which tones and and improves your facial contour. We tried this on half of our face and could really see a significant difference after just one use.

To Add A Boost To Your Favorite Products…
If you are looking to give your favorite skincare products a boost, the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser ($249) helps your creams and serums work a heck lot better, thanks to 365,000 pulses of ultrasonic energy, which increases product absorption instantly.

For A Better Clean…
Washing your face with your hands alone isn’t enough to remove all traces of makeup or the deep-seated dirt and impurities beneath your pores. To improve your washing regimen easily, try cleansing with the compact Clarisonic Mia Fit ($189) or the rechargeable Foreo Luna 2 ($199). They’re both small enough to toss inside our purse or gym bag for effective cleaning on-the-go.

For An At-Home Facial…
Sure, DIY face masks bring the benefits of a facial to your living room, but for a tool that really delivers a spa-like DIY facial treatment, try the Panasonic Nano Spa Quality Facial Steamer ($179.99) before your next DIY facial. It not only makes your bathroom feel spa-like, it also helps you to unwind and detoxify too.

For A Great DIY Pedicure…
Pedicures can be pricey and a total time-suck! To save some money along the way, the Silk’n Pedi Callus & Dry Skin Remover ($29.49) files away calluses and dry skin for softer, smoother feet, right in the comfort of your own home.