By Alexis Wolfer

Starting to think about that high-school reunion that’s coming up or that annual holiday party where you’re sure to run into your ex? Regardless of the reason (whether it be a former mean girl or a former boyfriend who peaked in highschool), with the holidays almost upon us, our schedules are slowly filing up with dress to impress events. With a few simple tips and tricks, though, you can ensure your skin looks picture perfect…perfect for showing the ghosts of boyfriends’ past what they’re missing!

According to Dr. Jack Berdy, the medical director at SmoothMED, by following just a few simple skincare rules, you can keep your skin merry and bright throughout this holiday season (and, well, any other season too)! The key: planning ahead for that big event well before the big day.

Dr. Berdy’s Top Tips:

Apply an extra dose of moisturizer prior to a party to help keep skin hydrated.

Do you know how to apply moisturizer properly?

Increase acne regimen in days leading up to the party.

Avoid salty foods for at least two to three days prior to a party to prevent puffy eyes.

Increase your water intake to keep yourself hydrated and counter the effects of alcohol and caffeine.

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Don’t get a facial or peel on the day of a party. This should be done one week before an event to avoid redness and irritation.

If you have sensitive skin, bring your own pillowcase if you’re heading out of town for any events, as your skin may react negatively to the hotel’s laundry detergent.

Pack all of your skin and acne products when going on a trip, (even if your skin looks pimple-free prior to departure), as the change in environment and diet can induce acne.

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