SPF For Your Eyes: Are You Properly Protecting Your Precious Peepers?

We all know that our precious peepers require a little extra TLC.

It’s why we apply eye cream every night to fend off wrinkles and dark circles. (If you don’t, start STAT pretty please!)

And while we seem to understand that our eyes need a formula that differs from the cream we apply to the rest of our faces, when it comes to our SPF, most of us apply the same sunscreen to the entirety of our faces. Or just avoid our area all together, leaving the most delicate of our skin exposed to the harmful effects of the sun’s aging rays.

Here’s the deal: the skin around our eyes is categorically different than the skin on the rest of our faces. Not only is it one of the areas on our bodies with the thinnest skin, it also ages differently (and more rapidly).

It’s about time our SPF caught on!

Think you don’t need a special product just for this small area? Sure, the skin around your eye only represents 1% of your skin’s total surface area, but over 10% of skin cancers occur in that area! One of the primary reasons for this is that most of us aren’t protecting the area properly…

Until now.

Ready to treat your eyes the way they deserve in order to fend off crow’s feet and under eye creping? Look for eye creams formulated with SPF and apply it religiously.

Our top pick: SkinCeuticals Physical Eye UV Defense SPF 50 ($30), an ophthalmologist-tested sunscreen that defends and enhances and the entire eye area, from brow-bone to cheekbone. Unlike most sunscreens that must avoid the delicate area around your eye (especially your lid!), this 100% mineral base formula with broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection is designed to provide the protection you need, without the risk of it migrating into and irritating your eyes. Plus, it doubles as your eyeshadow primer and under eye concealer too with its universally-flattering tint that enhances skin tone and its ceramides that create a smooth canvas for makeup.