Have Sensitive Teeth? Not Anymore! (+ WIN ALL THESE GOODIES!)

By Alexis Wolfer

If you’re like me, you dread a trip to the dentist as much as a bite into a spoonful of ice cream. (Well, that’s an exaggeration, I REALLY hate the dentist, but that’s a whole other story – one likely only a therapist should touch!) The common denominator: sensitive teeth.

Fear the feeling you get when an ice-cold food or drink rushes by a sensitive part of your teeth and, well, leaves you seeing stars? You won’t anymore!

Crest has just come out with a revolutionary (and I don’t use that word lightly!) product that stops sensitivity right in its tracks, and all in the comfort of your home. Unlike sensitivity-reducing toothpastes or mouthwashes, Crest® Sensi-Stop™ Strips are applied directly to sensitive areas for targeted sensitivity elimination.

The key is its ability to maintain contact with your tooth for 10 minutes, stopping sensitivity immediately as well as building a lasting barrier that helps stop sensitivity pain for up to 30 days (of pain-free ice cream eating, perhaps!). It’s the same active ingredient used by dental professionals in a thin, flexible strip that can be applied easily and discretely.

It really is like nothing you’ve ever tried before.

Ready to give Crest® Sensi-Stop™ a try?

On Saturday, September 27th, stop by your local Walgreens Saturdate event and pick up a box of Crest® Sensi-Stop™ for $17.99! There will be additional coupons and deals throughout the event and even samples of Crest® Sensi-Repair™ Toothpaste.

Want to WIN a Crest® Sensi-Stop™ Prize Pack?!

Prize pack includes:

  • Crest Sensi-Stop Strips™
  • Crest Sensi-Care Rinse
  • Crest Sensi-Repair Toothpaste (sample size)
  • Oral-B Sensi-Soft Toothbrush
  • $75 Walgreens Gift Card

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A randomly selected winner will be chosen on Thursday September 25th.

Crest® Sensi-Stop™, $17.99 at walgreens.com

Brought to you by Crest.