By Alexis Wolfer

The woman behind the Brazilian bikini wax is on a mission to promote confidence – and not just by removing unwanted below-the-belt hair. Janea Padhila, one of the famed J. Sisters whose first DIY Brazilian wax has revolutionized the industry, is hoping to bring Brazilian beauty worldwide (and not in the butt-implant kinda way). Rather, with a focus on body acceptance and self-love, Janea hopes to nourish women and promote confidence by bringing the lessons of Brazil and her upbringing to women everywhere through her book, Brazilian Sexy: Secrets to Living a Gorgeous and Confident Life.  Here, The Beauty Bean shares 4 of Janea’s tips on how to tap into your inner Brazilian bombshell.

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To Be a Brazilian Beauty…


Be Yourself. As Janea explains, “All I can do is be myself. And if I am true to myself, then I have done my job.” We couldn’t agree more. You’re perfect the way you are. So just be you.


Be Positive. Whether it’s that you’re a good sister, athlete or anything else, focus on that and avoid obsessing about anything that makes you feel badly about yourself.  Don’t give your problems or negative thoughts the time of day. We know, easier said than done; but, as the J. Sister’s mother used to tell her 14 kids, “if they hear a voice that says they are less than perfect, a voice that is making them feel bad about themselves, I tell them to put their fingers in their ears and make a loud sound that drowns out that other voice.” Sure, walking around with our fingers in our ears may not work, but an iPod can do the trick!

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Be Loving (of yourself): Love and respect yourself for who you are. As Janae explains, “No one else can make you feel bad about yourself- you are the only one who can do that.” But when others see self-respect, self-admiration and self-love, they too will respect, admire and love you.

Be Confident. Not all Brazilian women look like Gisele, but, as Janea explains, “The only thing that is the same about [Brazilian women] is that they each walk around like they are the best, the sexiest, the most incredible. That’s the thing about Brazilian sexy- it doesn’t take hours and hours of fussing.” It’s all on the inside.

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