The Best Anti-Acne Facial in LA

Vanessa Hernandez Gives Pores A Run For Their Money With The Best Anti-Acne Facial in LA

If you have acne – cystic, whiteheads, blackheads, any kind! – you’ve gotta get to Vanessa Hernandez.

Damn that woman knows how to clear out your pores.

Her secret: a no-steam facial (it softens the skin, which makes it more likely to tear and it less likely for the entire pore-clog to get out!), a squeeze-every-pore game that’s got to be record-breaking somewhere, and a prescription-strength dose of what she calls “peely cream” (a mixture of retinol, hydroquinone, and cortisone) that gently peels, corrects, and calms your skin for days after your facial.

I went to Vanessa with skin that was definitely clogged but not in a damn-girl-has-serious-acne kinda way (more in the when-I’m-alone-in-my-bathroom-examining-every-fucking-pore kinda way). Fifteen minutes into extractions (following a deep cleanse, of course, and with multiple breaks to check in and make sure I was okay!), Vanessa’s doctor’s gloves were covered with all the DISGUSTING stuff she squeezed out of my face.

Her joy was palpable while I fought back the urge to throw up in my mouth.

It’s no wonder that big names like Gwyneth Paltrow trust the L’Oréal Paris Consulting Celebrity Aesthetician with their money-makers!

A quick wave of microderm, a few follow-up extractions, some time under LED lights, and a hearty coating of peely cream and I was ready to take my temporarily-measles-like face home.

(Seriously, this facial is not the kind you do right before a big event… it’s more like the 3-days-before-a-big-event facial.)

Sure, I looked super red for 4-6 hours (I texted a warning before jumping on a Skype call with my nutritionist, Meredith Geller, so she wouldn’t fear my measles-like complexion — this is not an exaggeration) but by evening (my facial was in the late morning) my skin was calm enough for a bit of concealer to do the trick before heading to a dinner party.

And by the next morning?

Well, damn my skin looked good!

And I mean GOOD.

Like glowing, and clear, and smooth (even in the bathroom, standing 2 inches from the mirror!) skin.

And those small, white bumps I thought were just part of my cheeks? Well, they’re gone too – even 3 weeks after the best anti-acne facial in LA!

Not in LA? While you can’t replace a trip to Vanessa (and you definitely shouldn’t try to annihilate your pores solo!), Vanessa recommended I use the new L’Oreal Paris Detox + Brighten Clay Mask regularly to keep my skin in check.

In LA? Visit Vanessa Hernandez at 11677 San Vicente Blvd, Suite 214, Los Angeles, CA; 310-849-4452

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