Tatiana & I Get Creamy!

When it comes to facials, I’m known to pull out ALL. THE. STOPS.

$300+ Silk Peel facials with my beloved Sophia Phan? Check! (She’s now in LA so if you’re in LaLa land and have a boat loaf of money to blow, she’s well-worth the investment – just leave a comment below and I’ll get you her contact info!).

A $155 at-home facial mask Sports Illustrates Swimsuit model (and John Legend‘s fiancée) Chrissy Teigen told me about? Check!  (Yup, you read that right: $155 and you freaking have to do it yourself…but the Natura Bisse Diamond Ice-Lift  is pretty great, your skin glows after and the dead skin cells literally peel off… oh, and you get at least 8 facials out of the tube… but now I’m just trying to rationalize…)

I’ve even cooked my own facials (and I don’t cook!).

No matter how many luxe facial treatments I get or how many DIY facial recipes I whip up, though, I always come back to the best at home DIY facial for all skin types…(insert drumroll here)… Yogurt!

Yup, yogurt – full-fat, plain, Greek yogurt. Not only is it uber-cheap, but also it really freaking works on all skin types. The lactic acid gently loosens dead, dull skin cells while the fat hydrates and the probiotics work some serious magic leaving your skin looking revitalized, exfoliated, hydrated and glowing. It reduces facial redness, soothes a sunburn (and even cuts down on healing time!) and even helps calm down inflamed pimples!

Sure, you can get fancy, and add bananas if you have acne, honey if your skin is very dry and flaxseeds if you really want to amp up the exfoliating, but you don’t have to. Just on its own, a DIY yogurt facial mask is pretty freaking fabulous!

Just apply 1-2 tablespoons of full-fat, plain Greek yogurt to your face and let it dry (the thinner the layer, the quicker this will be) before using a warm washcloth in gentle circular motions to remove.

Tatiana (one of my best friends) and I did DIY yogurt facials this weekend – here’s our pic :) (She got a gnarly sunburn and asked my advice so we decided to do them together!)

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