Getting our faces squeaky clean at the end a hot, sweaty and SPF-filled day is essential to keeping our pores clog-free. Finding a cleanser that removes all the dirt and grim without stripping our skin of it’s essential moisture though is often easier said then done. Well, we tested out the best on the market and here’s how we’re getting clean this summer…

If waterproof makeup and sweat-proof sunscreens have you struggling to get clean… try Eve Lom’s Cleanser ($40 at This award-winning, cult-classic balm boasts of four aromatherapy oils that, when massaged onto dry skin, dissolve every last trace of dirt and grime. Worried about oil on your skin? Don’t be! Two of the oils included are clove oil and eucalyptus oil, which contain antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties ensuring you won’t breakout! Plus, this balm emulsifies with warm water meaning it’ll wash off with the grim of your day. Use the included muslin cloth to exfoliate and you’ll have clean, hydrated skin in no time!

How to beautify with coconut!

If you don’t feel clean unless there are bubbles involved, try Suki’s Creamy Foaming Cleanser ($29.95 at The antioxidant-rich formula not only works to preserve your skin’s moisture balance, fights free radicals, restores radiance, minimizes pore size and, obviously cleanses, but also it’s vegan for all you animal lovers out there! Plus, it smells delicious, feels sensuous and works like a charm!

If lazy is your middle name, try Yes To Cucumber’s Facial Towelettes ($5.99 at They cleanser, exfoliate and hydrate with cucumber, Dead Sea minerals, aloe and green tea all at the same – making them the ultimate triple threat. And with their no-water-required delivery, they’re the ideal product to toss in your beach bag for mid-day cleansing (or just in your night table for late nights that would otherwise result in falling asleep with your makeup on). And for all your worried about the environment (as you should be!) they’re also 98.7% natural and 100% biodegradable.

Being lazy has its benefits!

If all natural is your top priority, try Tata Harper’s Refreshing Cleanser ($50 at The 100% natural, non-foaming cleanser gently cleanses with Pink French Clay (to unclog pores), pomegranate extract (for its antioxidants) and White Willow Bark (to exfoliate). It’s ideal for sensitive skin and rich in essential ils that gently cleanse and balance your skin for a fresher faced tomorrow.

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