The Best Way To Heal Chapped Lips: 2 Tips for Kissable Lips

Chapped lips are the worst. Okay, maybe not the worst… but for anyone dealing with the cracking, burning, itching or stinging sensation that comes with dry, chapped lips, you know that healing them is not always easy or speedy. As chapped lip survivors ourselves, though, we know a good tip or trick when we see it, so here is the 2-step solution we’re loving to heal chapped lips stat!

How To Cure Chapped Lips

Exfoliate. Getting rid of the dead, dry skin cells is one of the best ways to heal your chapped lips so don’t forget to exfoliate your soon-to-be pretty pucker. Don’t though, use your facial scrubs on your lips since they’re likely to be too harsh for your gentle lips. Instead, try Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub ($14 at, a gentle sugar and nut shell based scrub that hydrates at the same time.

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Heal. Chapsticks and lip balms may already be your go to solution, but unless you’re luckier than we are, they all too often fall short of actually healing chapped lips. Sure, they alleviate the discomfort and most certainly help prevent further dryness, but when the damage is already done there are only a few products out there that really do the trick. Our current favorite: the brand new – and brilliantly effective – Fix My Skin Healing Balm ($12 at, which boasts 1% hydrocortisone that really gets to the root of the problem, stat!

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