The Case For A Double Dose Of Face Wash (At Night, Anyway)

Should You Wash Your Face Twice At Night?

The one beauty tip we keep hearing out of Korea (where, let’s be clear, women’s skincare routines are FAR superior to ours!) is to wash our faces twice at night (well, that and to add, oh, we dunno, 9-10 steps to our existing nightly beauty ritual, but let’s not go crazy over here!).

Considering that Korean women literally have some of the most flawless and ageless skin in the world, is this a tip we should follow? Or is it mere genetics at play?

Last week, I found myself at a launch event for belif – a Korean prestige beauty brand making its debut in Sephora this month – and this topic came up. At first, I was skeptical. If you use a great cleanser, why would you need to wash more than once? But immediately I found myself thinking back to the multiple times I’ve looked at my cotton round after toning to notice makeup or grime my cleanser had clearly missed. Sure, you could argue that this is my toner doing its job. But that’s not what toner is best used for – and toner really works best when applied to clean (not just merely “cleansed”) skin.

But back to this double face wash situation…

When I asked belif’s representatives about this double face wash situation, all the women agreed: twice is not only better than once, it’s the only way.

The reasoning was two-fold.

First, we put a lot of crap on our faces (okay, they didn’t say “crap,” but just go with me here) and expose our skin to lots of grossness throughout the day (again, my words). From our makeup and sunscreen to pollution and dust, our skin is exposed to lots of potential pore-cloggers and a single round of face wash doesn’t cut it.

Second (and for all of you still not convinced, I’m thinking this will win ya over!), some of our skincare products are oil-based and others water-based and they each require very different cleansing mechanisms in order to break them down and wash them away.

The solution: cleanse first with an oil-based face wash (like Jurlique Purely Age-Defyng Nourishing Cleansing Oil, $38) to break down and wash away any oil-based products on you skin and then cleanse second with a water-based face wash (like belif Cleansing Herb Water, $26) to get your skin really clean!

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