By Sierra Fromberg

In this day and age of over-commitment and multi-multi tasking, it’s no wonder it’s so hard to find time for a little self pampering.  And when we do have a moment, it’s usually reserved for a mani/pedi, unruly eyebrow maintenance or just a good old-fashioned siesta.  But you know who needs a little extra love from time to time?  Your uterus, that’s who!  And the vaginal steam from the YinOva Center is the perfect uterine indulgence.

Quick anatomy lesson.  In a vaginal nutshell, the uterus provides structural integrity and support to the bladder, bowel, pelvic bones and organs.  The reproductive function of the uterus is to accept a fertilized egg, which passes through the “utero-tubal” junction from the fallopian tube.  Oh, and one last, and clearly the most important fact about your uterus ladies – it’s needed for a uterine orgasm to occur.

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In all fairness, when I was first asked to try this treatment, which is commonly practiced in both Central America and Korea, I was, lets say, a tad bit skeptical. I had no idea why on earth I would need to treat my vaj to a facial (which is how the treatment is described on YinOva’s website). But I was also curious just what a facial for my female parts would actually entail.

Upon my arrival, I was greeted by Nicole Kruck, YinOva’s resident va-jayjay steamer, who first asked me a couple of questions similar to what your gyno would ask at your yearly check up. When I mentioned my periods have been somewhat irregular for the last few months (and I’m positive I’m not pregnant) she said many of her clients have the same issue and it could be due to a misplaced uterus, which surprisingly about 80% of American women have! (Who knew that was even possible?!)

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Inside the treatment room, which was all warm and cozy and smelled of fresh herbs, I undressed from the waist down. I had been under the (entirely wrong) impression that I would essentially lie down on a massage table and Nicole would simply blast steam up my hoo-hoo…you know…like they do at the beginning of a regular facial. Instead, Nicole had me sit on what looked like the top of a wooden toilet seat on legs. While explaining the history of the steam, Nicole prepared the water, which was a mix of fresh herbs and essential oils (but can also include other PH balanced organic plants and herbs, clay and garlic), which she then heated up. Still wondering how exactly this was going to work, Nicole then wrapped me up in a blanket, creating a little tent around me. At this point, I was utterly confused. But once she poured the hot water into a bowl and slipped it under the blanket, I realized (DUH) it’s just like when you do a steam for your face at home with a pot of hot water and a towel over your head, except the towel is wrapped around your whole body, and the pot of water is steaming up into your nether regions.

They say this treatment is relaxing, and let me be the first to say they mean it’s SERIOUSLY relaxing.  As the steam and aroma of essential oils rose up and around me, Nicole gently massaged my shoulders and for a moment I actually drifted off (sitting on a makeshift toilet nonetheless).

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After two rounds of steaming (each about 15 minutes), Nicole had me climb up onto the massage table for the second part of the treatment: Maya Abdominal Therapy (or Mayan massage), a gentle abdominal massage to reposition my misplaced uterus. Plus, she also demonstrated some massage techniques I can use on myself at home to help get “her” (yup – that’s how Nicole refers to the uterus) back into place.

While vaginal steaming is an ideal complimntary treatment for women with any gynecological issues (especially for those looking to boost thier fertility), for me, the most lovely result of this treatment is that it helps us ladies, myself included, connect (or reconnect as the case may be) with our bodies, specifically “down there”. Not to sound all “I am woman hear me roar-y” but sometimes the topic of the vag, or pampering it, can feel somewhat taboo. If I walked away from this experience with one thing, it would be the reminder that our entire body deserves love and attention, even the parts that you can’t see on the outside!

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