By Becca Gregg

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are falling, the temperatures are dipping, and many a flannel sheet set has made its way from closet to bed. It may be a little presumptuous on our part, but we have to ask, don’t you just love fall? We here at The Beauty Bean sure do. What’s not to love? We’ll take it all… the crunchy leaves, crisp cider, chic boots and tights, yummy pumpkin seeds, haunted houses and, of course, temps that prove the perfect opportunity to cozy up next to that special someone. And the perfect place to take in all things autumn? None other than your skincare routine!

We all know the healthy benefits of gorging ourselves in the fabulous fall finds of the farmer’s market. But wearing it? That’s right! Who would’ve thought that the food our tummies crave could double up as a skin craving as well? It may just be just us, but isn’t it a little bit comforting to actually recognize the ingredients that you see on the bottles that compose your beauty regime?

3 facials you can make right in your own fridge!

Thankfully for those of us interested in natural-beauty, beauty brands are taking note and infusing their products with the vegetables you’re infusing your diets with. And so we present the vegetable-based goods that we’re currently obsessed with. Stock up, test ‘em out, then show-off your newly minted fresh face for Makeup Free Mondays at the farmer’s market next week!

Eclos Plant Stem Cells Anti-Aging Instant Radiance Facial Scrub, $12.99 at
Try this gentle, exfoliating skin cleanser featuring willow (known to enhance cell turnover and revive dull skin) and plant stem cells (which work to stimulate your skin’s stem cells) to look younger STAT!

Arbonne FC5 Cooling Foot Cream, $18, at
With the nutrients from pumpkin, kiwi, strawberry, carrot and mango, this moisturizing foot cream not only hydrates dry skin but also soothes, cools and comforts tired feet with its non-greasy formula.

SumBody Pumpkin Pie Sugar Scrub, $18.95 at
Who knew that pumpkin was a powerhouse for dry, under-nourished skin? Well, now you do! And one of the best ways to give is a try is with this hydrating and exfoliating scrub.

A healthy pumpkin pie to eat at the same time!

Yes to Tomatoes Total Treatment Facial Mask, $14.99 at
We love this yummy treat for your skin that combines organic tomatoes, watermelon, avocado and dead sea minerals. Plus, it’s free of parabens, petroleum and SLS, and contains a whopping 26 minerals and mud from the dead sea to exfoliate you skin and give off a shine-free appearance.

SUPER Supermodel Legs by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, $30 at
This brand-new line of nourishing products for both face and body is infused with phytonutrients derived from the world’s most powerful superfoods (including watercress, green applies, chili pepper, acai, etc.). And yes, what those superfoods do for your body they can do for your skin too! Our top pick is the Super Supermodel Legs with red chiles to increase circulation and get your runway ready.

Juicy Beauty Green Apple Cleansing Gel, $26 at
This revitalizing organic facial cleanser blends potent fruit acids from certified organic and antioxidant-rich apples and lemons for brighter and more refined skin.

Some fruit-infused beauty products we love too!