By Alix Turoff

A bad haircut is never any fun but a bad waxing job? Well, that could be devastating. Losing an eyebrow or burning a bikini line is not on our hair removal to-do list – and we can’t imagine it’s on yours either! To ensure precision and avoid catastrophe, it’s always better to trust a professional to wield the hot wax or tweezers. So, we went to master waxer, threader and sugar-er, Hibba Kipal – the welcoming atmosphere, exotic and beautifully decorated space and warm staff were really the icing on the cake.

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Hibba tells us her “cute little immigrant story,” as she calls it, about coming to the United States from India where she first learned how to thread, wax and sugar. After working in a number of different salons to pay her way through college and spending a few years working in finance, she was itching to get out and start her own salon. And so Hibba NYC became what it is today.

The cute spot, decorated beautifully with an Indian inspired motif, is on the second floor of a bohemian Soho building, making the experience seem uber exclusive – the  kind of place that you’d be hard pressed to find if you weren’t looking – and let’s just say we were happy to have been looking!

Never heard of sugaring? You’re not alone. Although the natural hair removal method dates back to early 1900 Egypt, it’s just now slowly gaining popularity in the US. And while you may not be familiar yet, trust us you will be! Not only is sugaring the most natural method of hair removal – made by heating a mixture of sugar and lemon to create a gel like substance – but also the least painful (well, compared with waxing, threading, lasering and tweezing, anyway).

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As Hibba spread the gel on our arms, she informed us that sugaring is perfect for removing hair from large areas and is also less painful than regular waxing. Hibba was also very adamant about the cleanliness of the procedure. Each applicator she used to apply the gel was thrown out immediately, no double dipping and no need to worry about bacteria! Between girl talk with Hibba and comforting music, our sugaring service went by quickly and painlessly. We were sold!

Now that we’ve tried sugaring, we’re not sure that we could ever go back to classic waxing. An all-natural, virtually painless and girl-talk laden waxing experience? Looks like we’ll be adding one more sweet treat to our list of cravings now!

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