Winter Tips For Smoother Legs

Just because the winter chill has your legs hiding under long pants, high boots and maybe even leg warmers, your legs need not be confined to a season of bear-like hibernation (thick, coarse hair and all). Here’s how we’re keeping our legs soft, smooth and sexy all winter long – and you can too.

Exfoliate. Scrubbing away the dead, dull, dry skin cells is the best way to get your stems in show-off ready shape. Use an all-natural scrub like Isola Jamaican Coffee and Sugar Scrub (we love the Lemongrass Island Blend!) to exfoliate (with sugar) moisturize (with grape seed, coconut and sweet almond oils) and reduce the appearance of cellulite (with Blue Mountain Coffee Blend) all at the same time. Plus, it makes for a great pre-shaving step for a closer than ever shave!

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Cleanse Gently. When it comes to shower gels, most actually do more harm to your skin than good. Seriously, we saw the eye-opening demo! Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Wash, though, combines Glycinate, an uber-mild ingredient primarily used in pricey face care products, with the brand’s NutriumMoisture technology, which deeply nourishes skin, for the most mild (but still lathering!) cleanser to date.

Shave. Winter may seem like the ideal time to take a break from shaving (and maybe even try waxing) but shaving is good for more than just removing unsightly stubble – it exfoliates too! Use a rich and luxurious shave cream like Pure Silk Dry Skin Therapy, which moisturizes with aloe and vitamin E while keeping your nick free, and your legs will be smooth and sexy all season long.

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